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Structural Characteristics and Standard Test Design of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

High and low temperature test chamber is the aviation, automotive, home appliances, scientific research and other areas of the necessary test equipment used to test and determine the electronic electrical, materials and other products in the high temperature, low temperature or constant temperature and humidity test temperature and environmental changes after the parameters and performance. The specific principle of the high and low temperature test chamber is that the cooling principle is to use the inverse card if the cycle, the cycle of two isothermal process and two adiabatic process.

Structural Characteristics of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

The equipment is mainly composed of box, refrigeration system, heating system, humidification system, air circulation system and control system.

The shell of the box is made of cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray, the liner with high-quality stainless steel plate, the middle of the door set a large area observation window, and with observation lights, so that users can clearly see the test sample. Overall appearance generous. Insulation layer for the rigid polyurethane foam with a small amount of ultra-fine glass wool, with high strength, good insulation and so on.

The main temperature and humidity control device using intelligent digital temperature and humidity control device, user-friendly design method of operation, simple and easy to use, and different functional grade instrument operation compatible with each other. Input using digital correction system, built-in thermocouple and thermal resistance nonlinear correction table, accurate and stable measurement. With bit adjustment and AI artificial intelligence adjustment function, 0.2 precision, a variety of alarm mode. Heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification independent, unique BTHC balance thermostat way.

Refrigeration system using fully enclosed compressor compressor, mechanical single-stage refrigeration or cascade low-temperature circuit system, automatic control and safety protection coordination system. Heating with stainless steel fins heating pipe, humidification with stainless steel humidification tube, humidification way for the steam humidification, water level automatic control.

Standard Test Design of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

1, the design of the test chamber for forced air circulation: For test specimens that can not be used for free air condition test cases due to large or high heat dissipation, use a test chamber with air flow (forced air circulation), except for the test In addition to the box size, all the requirements for the free air chamber, the design of the forced air circulation test box is applicable, the airflow speed should meet the requirements: should not be too small to ensure that the test sample will not overheat during the test, Should be too large, so that the test sample in the test when the cold, air flow should be as uniform as possible, the air direction should be vertical up.

2, the design of the free air condition test box: because the temperature control of the box is dependent on the temperature changes to achieve these components, the wall temperature should also avoid large fluctuations, so that the impact of radiation reduction to the minimum program , For the best results, test box all the walls should be heated or cooled, the use of liquid heating or cooling all and the wall, is to make the wall temperature to avoid large fluctuations in a suitable method.

3, the thermal characteristics of the installation of the installation of the thermal characteristics of the requirements can refer to the corresponding standards, a variety of materials, thermal conductivity system can refer to the corresponding standard, if the mounting bracket or cable (such as lead) thermal conductivity of the test results are significant influences.

4, the wall of the radiation coefficient: to simulate the free space of free air conditions, the wall should be hot black. Single point of high and low temperature test chamber use and characteristics.