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Three comprehensive test chamber
Three comprehensive test box (vibration / temperature / humidity) technical indicators
Model MVTH-500 MVTH-1000 MVTH-500 MVTH-1000 MVTH-500 MVTH-1000
内容积L 500 1000 500 1000 500 1000
Temperature -40+150/-70+150℃
Humidity 20%+98%RH
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature deviation ±2.0℃
Humidity deviation ±3.0%RH(>75%RH).±5%RH(≧75%RH)
Heating and cooling rate Range -55℃+85℃
Rate 5℃/min 10℃/min 15℃/min
load 500 type: 15kg aluminum ingot 100 type: 30kg aluminum ingot
Internal dimensions(cm) Width 80 100 80 100 80 100
Height 80 100 80 100 80 100
Depth 78 100 78 100 78 100
External dimensions(cm) Width 180 200 180 200 180 200
Height 190 210 190 210 190 210
Depth 135 155 135 155 135 155
Thermostat conditioning method BTHC Balance thermostat humidity control mode
Use ambient temperature +5℃+35℃
Material Shell High - strength cold - rolled steel plate double - sided powder baking
Inner wall SUS#301 stainless steel 2B panel
Insulation Materials Glass fiber + polyurethane foam
Heater Alloy electric wire heater
Humidifier Stainless steel heaters
Regulator Fans Centrifugal fan
Compressor France imports all closed or German imports semi-hermetic compressors
Refrigerant R404A/R23
Refrigeration method Mechanical compression cascade refrigeration (air-cooled / water-cooled)
  Controller Original imported from Japan TFT touch screen
  Operation mode Fixed value way, procedure way
  Program capacity 120 groups of programs * 1000 segments (1000 cycles can be separated), the number of segments required for each group of programs can be arbitrarily divided, each group of programs and can be free to each other (up to 200 connections).
  Predetermined area Temperature: according to the temperature range of equipment to adjust (upper +5 ℃, -5 ℃ off the assembly line) Humidity: 25% -100% RH (humidity equipment)
  Enter Thermocouple
  Communication function (Optional) RS-485 interface, with local and remote communication (with centralized monitoring software, RS-485 / RS-232 converter, the need to occupy the PC's COM port and USB port one); 16 devices, the cumulative length of the largest cable 800mOC software environment: IBM
PC compatible, P "above CPU, 128M or more memory, Simplified Chinese WINDOWSXP operating system
  Control method Anti-integral saturation PID
  Data collection ●Screen interface Curve output - directly to the touch screen on the curve interface or customer requirements save any interface * bmp picture stored in the U disk or directly with the printer to print the touch screen on the curve interface or customer requirements (need to change the interface software) of any interface;
●USB function - with 1 IGU disk. Test U disk inserted in the controller USB interface. Test data will be automatically recorded to the U disk, save * CSV data file (non-curve), the sampling period can be set on the screen. Use EXCEL and other software to open the deal;
●Connect the printer (optional): - Configure the printer to print the test date, set temperature, set humidity, and measure the temperature according to the number of times of printing.
●PC (optional): - Through the centralized monitoring software, you can record the test data, automatically displayed in the PC into a curve can be printed directly, recording time unlimited. The file size depends on the hard disk capacity.
PC can also be done as a terminal, to achieve remote monitoring.
  Ancillary functions Fault alarm and cause, processing tips Function: power protection: upper and lower limit protection: timer function (automatic start and automatically stop running)
  Water supply Pump lift
  Water storage tank 25L 25L 25L 25L 25L 25L
  Water quality Resistivity>500
power supply AC380(1±10%)V(50±500%)Hz Three-phase four-wire + protection ground
Maximum current 16 19 31 31 40 58 44 67 108
Power(KW) 10 12 20 20 26 38 29 44 71
Weight(kg) 485 620 795 585 720 895 640 770 950
Standard configuration Electric glass observation window 1, cable hole 2, sample rack 2 sets, lighting (fluorescent) 1, casters 4, the sample power supply control terminal 1
Security configuration Over-temperature protection, temperature fuse, dry protection, etc.
Process Profile
Structure technology
1.Company hardware equipment Imports of German laser laser machine 1; Title of the AMADA AIRS-255NT punching and a Taiwan; Germany for all types of carbon dioxide welding machine and argon welding machine more than 10 Autodrsk inventor 3D graphics software, 3D sheet metal demolition and design of virtual assembly.
2.Shell made of high quality galvanized steel, electrostatic powder coating to be paint;
3.The inner box is made of imported SUS # 304 stainless steel, with full welding process to prevent leakage and penetration of high temperature and high humidity air inside the box; inner liner fillet design of inner box can better discharge condensate of side wall.

2.Shell made of high quality galvanized steel, electrostatic powder coating to be paint;
3.The inner box is made of imported SUS # 304 stainless steel, with full welding process to prevent leakage and penetration of high temperature and high humidity air inside the box; inner liner fillet design of inner box can better discharge condensate of side wall.

Refrigeration series of technology
1.1 High-quality steel pipe and welding process standardization; according to the standard tube layout to ensure stable and reliable model system;
1.2 Imports of Italian imports of pipe bending machine the whole bend, a significant reduction in solder joints and welding generated when the pipe oxide, improve system reliability!

2.Pipeline shock and support
2.1 The United States and Tyco on the support of the cooling copper pipe has strict requirements, taking into account the pipeline shock conditions in the cooling pipe to increase the arc and bending the use of special nylon clip fixed way to avoid the circular vibration and temperature changes caused by Pipe deformation and leakage, improve the reliability of the entire refrigeration system.
2.2 No oxidation welding process
As we all know, the cleanliness of the refrigeration system is directly related to the efficiency of the refrigeration system and operating life; the United States and Tyco welding operation using standardized to avoid a large number of pipe oxide pollution when welding!

Control circuit technology
1. Power distribution layout According to the technical department of the distribution assembly plans to install electrical components used internationally renowned brands: Omron, Schneider, Germany phoenix terminals, line code clearly marked.
Selection of the old domestic brand, (Zhujiang cable) to ensure that the quality of the wire; control line minimum 0.75 square RV soft copper wire, all the major load such as motor compressors are based on EC trunking safety current standard trapping trail selection! Compressor cable box cable mouth with sealant processing, to prevent frosting junction box terminal short circuit.
All terminal screws are connected to the standard fixed torque, to ensure reliable fastening to prevent loose ignition and other hidden dangers!

Refrigeration Technology
3D refrigeration system management drawing
Variable Frequency Control Technology of Refrigeration System

In the frequency conversion refrigeration system, even if the power frequency 50HZ is fixed, can change the
frequency through the frequency changer, thus adjusts the compression rotational speed, causes the cold quantity
continuously to change, guarantees the compressor movement load in the test box the actual load to match (namely
test body temperature Increase, the compressor frequency to rise, improve the cooling capacity, on the contrary, the
compressor frequency to reduce and reduce the cooling capacity) greatly saves the unnecessary loss of operation to achieve energy-saving purposes. In the beginning of the test chamber can also run by increasing the frequency of the compressor to improve the capacity of the cooling system to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling.
The chamber adopts frequency conversion refrigeration system, which can precisely control the temperature of the box body, make the temperature of the box body constant, the temperature fluctuation is small, and the suction and discharge pressure of the refrigeration system is stable and the compressor runs stably and reliably. Electronic expansion flow servo.

Refrigeration system technology Other energy - saving technologies
A) The use of PID + PWM principle VRF technology (electronic expansion valve according to the thermal conditions of flow control)
Low-temperature working state, the heater does not participate in the work, through the PID + PWM regulation of the cooling (cooling capacity of the air flow control system); low-temperature working conditions, the use of the principle of PID PID VRF technology (refrigerant flow control) Flow rate and flow direction of the cooling pipe, cold side of the pipeline, heat the next three-way flow pipe to adjust to achieve the work of the temperature is automatically constant, this method in low temperature conditions, the studio can automatically achieve a constant temperature, Low temperature conditions, can achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption. The technology is based on Danfoss ETS system electronic expansion valve, can be applied to different cooling capacity requirements of the cooling adjustment, both at different cooling rate requirements, to achieve the compressor cooling capacity adjustment.
B) the size of two sets of compressor design technology, according to load conditions automatically start and stop (large series is designed)
The refrigeration unit is equipped with a set of semi-hermetic compressors composed of binary cascade refrigeration system plus a full-density single-stage refrigeration system. Configure the mother; according to the load conditions inside the box and the cooling rate of intelligence to open the different compressor groups, so that the cooling capacity of the box and the compressor output power to achieve the best match, in order to achieve the best operating conditions in the compressor section circle to Extend the service life of the compressor. More importantly, a large set of traditional design compared to the energy-saving effect is very obvious, you can achieve more than 30% of the temperature control. With VRF technology)