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How does the constant temperature and humidity test box realize the breakthrough in the fierce competition

Constant temperature and humidity chamber has now developed to a relatively mature stage, the technical level has improved at the same time, a sharp increase in domestic manufacturers, the formation of medium and low-grade products oversupply, high-quality test box and the contradiction between the problem. As the manufacturers, especially small manufacturers increased, according to industry standards for their factory production line test chamber, resulting in the proliferation of standardized test chamber, personalized custom level is low. To make the constant temperature and humidity test box to win the market, it must be reform to achieve breakout.

To increase the investment in scientific research to achieve technological innovation: technology is the primary productive force, to change the status of high-quality test box in short supply, we must achieve scientific and technological innovation, improve the technical level of the test chamber to meet the domestic high-tech industry experimental requirements.

Improve the quality of the test chamber: a constant temperature and humidity chamber of precision and durability, in addition to the continuous improvement of technology, spare parts selection is also very critical. At present, many domestic first-class manufacturers of 90% of the test cases are imported original parts. Such as the French Taikang compressor, Japan, "easy to control" controller so that more stable product performance, quality is more secure.

Improve the personalized custom system: as a production enterprise, understand customer needs, according to the customer's needs and needs, tailored for customers to customers exclusive test chamber. Improve the personalized custom system, to be responsive to the custom level.

Intimate after-sales service: the establishment of a sound service network, covering the country, and even radiation the world, so that service speed, good service attitude, to send home services, so that customers enjoy a better after-sales.

Focus on reputation and brand: adhere to fulfill all the commitments, to make words and a letter, a reputable business. Pay attention to establish a brand, build brand awareness, along the branding process of continuous progress, increase the intangible assets of enterprises.

To make the constant temperature and humidity chamber break this embarrassing phenomenon, to be the entire environmental testing equipment industry manufacturers work together to rectify the industry from the above four aspects of the atmosphere, I believe that the industry will soon be on track.