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Multi-functional constant temperature and humidity box five advantages

A: constant temperature and humidity box of human design

1, conform to the world trend of environmental protection, the new fluorine-free design, so you always walk in front of a healthy life.

2, the use of dry and wet ball or capacitive multi-functional multi-stage programmable temperature and humidity control, fuzzy PID controller, temperature control and humidity fluctuations.

3, the use of imported mirror stainless steel liner, four corners of the semi-circular transition, shelf bracket can be free handling, easy to clean the box work.

Second: quality assurance

1, the international brand compressor and bad fan, environmental protection, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and promote energy conservation.

2, a unique duct circulation system to ensure that the work room temperature and humidity uniformity, diameter 25mm test 7L, easy to operate in the test.

Three: constant temperature and humidity box safety features

1, independent temperature limit alarm system, more than the limit temperature that is automatically interrupted operation, and sound and light alarm prompts the operator to ensure that the experimental safe operation without accidents.

2, the temperature is high, low and over-temperature alarm; compressor overheating, overcurrent, overload protection, fan overheating protection, water protection.

Four: convenient data processing (optional)

Can be connected to the printer or communication interface, with USB data transfer interface (U disk), with the computer display, and print temperature and humidity and time curve for the test process data storage and playback to provide a strong guarantee.

Five: programmable touch screen controller

1, the use of large screen touch screen screen, the screen is simple, easy editing program.

2, the controller operation interface set in English to choose from, real-time operation curve can be displayed by the screen.

3, with 100 sets of program 1000 section 999 cycle step capacity, each time set the maximum value of 99 hours 59 minutes.

4, data and test conditions input, the controller has a screen lock function, to avoid human touch and shutdown.

5, with P.I.D automatic calculation function, the temperature and humidity conditions can be amended immediately, so that the temperature and humidity control more accurate and stable.