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High and low temperature test chamber will have what kind of development prospects

High and low temperature test chamber are Dongguan City, the United States and Thailand environmental testing equipment, mainly used to simulate the product in different temperature, humidity, the ability to the extent of environmental capacity. The rapid development of technology, technology with each passing day. With the development of China's modern industrial products and technology development needs, high and low temperature chamber / constant temperature and humidity chamber is also more and more widely, production, scientific research to its increasing demand. It requires a higher cost performance, longer life, the use of less cost (power), of course, after-sales service should be more timely and quick! The following describes the development of high and low temperature test chamber it.

Among them, the high and low temperature chamber for industrial products, high and low temperature environmental reliability test, the electronic and electrical, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace, ship weapons, universities, research institutes and other related products, Low temperature cycle changes in the case, the test of its performance indicators. Products with a wide temperature control range, the performance indicators have reached the national standard GB10592-89 high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions for GB2423.1, GB2423.2 "Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Test A: low-temperature test method, test B: high temperature test method "on the product for low temperature, high temperature test and constant temperature test. Dongguan City, the United States and Thailand high and low temperature test box products meet GB2423.1, GB2423.2, GJB150.3, GJB150.4, IEC, MIL standards. In the high and low temperature test box products in the environmental adaptability test equipment research and development, Dongguan City, the United States and Thailand to follow the objective laws, with strict standards, elaborate. Thus ensuring the equipment has been identified, reliable and practical for customers to produce high-quality equipment.

In the daily use and maintenance of the high and low temperature test chamber, Dongguan City, the United States and Thailand, the company proposed to be placed at a temperature of 8 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, do not have this condition on the laboratory, to be equipped with appropriate air conditioner. Adhere to the professional management and maintenance, conditional units to send someone on a regular basis to the supplier factory training to learn, in order to obtain professional maintenance, maintenance experience and ability. Fixed once every three months to clean the condenser, the use of air-cooled compressor cooling, to regularly check the condensing fan and the decontamination of the dust to ensure good ventilation and heat transfer performance.

For the compressor water cooling, in addition to be guaranteed to water pressure and water temperature, but also must ensure that the corresponding flow, and regular cleaning of the condenser inside the scale to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.

High and low temperature test chamber should also regularly clean the evaporator, because the cleanliness of the test sample is not the same, forced air circulation in the evaporator will gather a lot of small dust particles, etc., so regular cleaning. There are water and humidifier cleaning, if the water is not smooth, humidifier scaling will lead to humidifier dry, can damage the humidifier, it must be regularly on the water and humidifier for cleaning. But also insist on each test after the temperature set in the vicinity of the ambient temperature, work for about 30 minutes and then cut off the power, and then clean the studio wall. Long-term downtime is not used to regularly every half a month to the product power, power can not be less than 1 hour.

As the price of high and low temperature chamber is basically composed of electrical, refrigeration and mechanical systems. So once the equipment problems, to the entire equipment system to conduct a comprehensive inspection and comprehensive analysis. In general, the process of analysis and judgment can be first outside, that is, the first to exclude external factors, the fundamental failure of the device system decomposition. After the analysis and judgment of the system synthesis, or you can also use the inverted method to find the cause of the malfunction. First, according to the electrical wiring diagram to find whether there is a problem with the electrical system, and finally find out whether the problem is the refrigeration system, without clarifying the cause of the fault before, must not blindly disassemble or replace parts, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.